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About The Iowan

The people. The places. The stories. The life.

As Iowa's original state magazine, The Iowan is your gateway to travel destinations, food and events, exploration and learning.

The Iowan is a bimonthly magazine exploring everything Iowa has to offer. Each issue travels into diverse pockets of the state to discover the sights, meet the people, learn the history, taste the cuisine, and experience the culture.

Ours is a smart, contemporary magazine for people who give serious thought to serious living in this land between two rivers. Engaging stories and stunning photography reveal how and why we’re bonded to and by this special place.

Work and play. Challenges and opportunities. Insights and perspectives. Each issue is an adventure. Come along for the journey!

History of The Iowan

A young man from Shenandoah left Iowa with a goal — to pursue a publishing career in New York. He returned with a dream — to give his home state a forum it was lacking. He set out to build a publication through which Iowans could learn more about themselves, and the rest of the world could learn more about Iowa.

David Archie published the first issue of The Iowan in 1952, stressing to readers that the magazine was not meant to be a private passion. It aimed to be a collective venture, one he hoped all Iowans would join — contributing to the evolution of the magazine by participating in the evolution of the state.

The magazine has gone through many changes over six decades, but our mission remains steadfast: to keep the conversation going.

Built with the visions, voices, and storytelling skills of professional freelancers with strong connections to the state, every issue has readers talking.

Join our conversation about unique places to visit, about diverse heritage to celebrate, about interesting people to meet, about complex issues to understand, about a future we are building together.







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