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Aspect Ratio

The Iowan magazine page measures 8.5 x 11 (with a portrait or vertical aspect ratio of approximately 3:4), a two-page spread 11 x 17 (with a landscape or horizontal aspect ratio of roughly 3:2).

The aspect ratio of most digital cameras is 3:2, some high-end cameras are 16:9.

This means you must be aware when framing your shot to leave extra space around the subject.

It is best not to crop images too tightly, the art director can do this when editing the layout.

This is especially important when submitting vertical shots for The Iowan covers. Not only will some of the image be cropped vertically (about 2-3 inches at 300 dpi), the cover logo will cover the top of the image (about 2 inches at 300 dpi). This means as much as 5 inches of the height of image may be lost. Leave plenty of extra cropping space at the top for the logo.


Sample showing how full
vertical image may be cropped


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