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Feature Photography Assignments

Features in The Iowan magazine pair photographers with writers to capture a good story.

Contracted editorial assignments must adhere to The Iowan’s technical specifications. Download the PDF.

Due dates for contracted work vary — depending on topic, time sensitivity, and photography needs. All work must be coordinated with the editor, art director, and assigned writer.

The Iowan buys exclusive periodical reproduction and distribution rights to all submitted photos for a period of 60 days from publication, rights to reproduce all submitted photos in an online version of the magazine, nonexclusive reprint rights as part of Pioneer Communications, Inc., image library, and nonexclusive reprint and resale rights. Rights granted by the photographer are fully outlined in the Photographer’s Agreement issued for each contracted assignment.

Payment for accepted work is scheduled at 60 days from invoice approval or publication date, whichever comes first. Some assignments may involve expenses, which must be pre-approved by the editor.



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