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NOTE: please limit submissions to The Iowan of your best 12–24 shots and follow submission requirements. (Download the PDF HERE.) As always, look for new and fresh ideas and perspectives.

Be original. Be creative. Be bold.


Postcard is a department featuring one fabulous photograph of a specific Iowa location. Make us want to go there. Please submit these any time throughout the year, starting now!


Submit your own ideas for Portfolio any time the muse inspires
Send to

If you have a body of work in these areas, or are passionate about a subject you'd like to shoot, please contact the art director. You may send either a PDF contact sheet showing your best work or what you have in mind to capture the subject in its unique light. Categories that intrigue us include — but are not limited to — the following list (not in any particular order):

Look Up / Look Down – Perspectives

Immigrants or Iowa Cultures (Czech, Swedish, Irish, Amish, Italian)

B & W Iowa

MMM, Bacon

1993 Flood, twenty years later

Fall Color

My home town -- like no one else sees it

County Fair and Festival Queens


Scenic Byways

Lincoln Highway

Iowa at Night

Civil War Reenactments

Music Festivals: 80/35, Bix Beiderbech, Miss. Valley Blues - Davenport, Blues on the River - Keokuk, Bluegrass


Organic/Sustainable Farming

Rebuilding/Rejuvenating Iowa

Still Life – Iowa objects

The “biggest XXXXXX” (landmarks from small towns)







Hot Air Balloons and kites

Public Art  

Public Space  

Parts as Art  

Kites and Balloons  


Submit your own ideas for Portfolio any time the muse inspires. Send to



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