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Stock Submission Requirements

Please follow these requirements when submitting stock photography to The Iowan.

The Iowan only accepts professional-grade images. Use a camera with 5 or more megapixels. Submit electronic contact sheets with no more than 12 images per page (smaller thumbnails are not accepted). DO NOT email individual photos. We repeat: DO NOT email individual photos. Make a PDF contact sheet using Adobe Bridge or similar software. It is acceptable to send a link to a web page of specific images you wish considered but please don’t send links to general photo websites (such as Snapfish, Shutterfly, or Flickr) unless you have built a specific album or lightbox for our review. Submissions may also be made using Dropbox. Please request an invitation from the creative director. If electronic means are not available, mail protected prints with a submission letter. NOTE: The Iowan does not return any mailed materials.

Submissions should be original work that has not been published or submitted to other publications, printed or electronic, in the previous five years. (Yes, we subscribe to those other Iowa publications, so we know who you are.)

Always submit photos with location information and a short description of photo content and why you were moved to shoot the images. Your submissions will be reviewed by the editorial staff. You will be contacted and asked to provide digital files of selected work.

Don’t forget to turn your camera sideways! A single full page requires a vertical shot. ALL cover shots are vertical. Turn your camera on its head. Look for new angles. Shoot DOWN from up high. Shoot UP from the ground. Look backward and forward. Pay attention to the background (make sure it’s not distracting). Pay attention to cropping and aspect ratios. Be original. Be creative. Be bold.

Technical Specifications

Process images with the following:

• RAW capture saved as jpg files
• 8 bit
• 300 dpi
• adobe RGB (1998) color space
• image size: Minimum of 300 pixels per inch
• horizontal: Minimum of 18 inches wide x 12 inches high
• vertical: Minimum of 9 inches wide x 12 inches high
• DO NOT sharpen images

Metadata should include:

• photographer’s name
• copyright information
• date
• location
• complete caption and individual ID information

It is the photographer’s responsibility to obtain model and location releases if necessary.

By following these guidelines, you will aid us in achieving the best possible reproduction of your images.


Download this information and a stock rate sheet  CLICK HERE
If you have technical questions, please contact the Creative Director



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