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Technical Specifications

This information is for contract feature assignment photographers for The Iowan.

Shoot in Camera RAW. Do a loose edit of the images created from the assignment, paring the total shoot down to the best 2-3 images from each situation photographed. Include verticals and horizontals whenever possible to allow design flexibility.

Process these images with the following:
• RAW capture saved as jpg files
• 8 bit
• 300 dpi
• adobe RGB (1998) color space
• image size: Minimum of 300 pixels per inch
• horizontal: Minimum of 18 inches wide x 12 inches high
• vertical: Minimum of 9 inches wide x 12 inches high
• DO NOT sharpen images

Metadata should include:
• photographer’s name
• copyright information
• date
• location
• complete caption and individual ID information

It is the photographer’s responsibility to obtain model and location releases if necessary.

Place processed files in a folder labeled with the story’s working title and submit digitally. NOTE: Remember to archive your original RAW files.

We prefer to receive your high-resolution files on a burned disk delivered by mail. Include photo IDs and a submission form with issue and story information. You may submit photos electronically using Dropbox or a program that allows downloading images as a batch, or post images to a lightbox on your website and e-mail the link to Creative Director Ann Donohoe. DO NOT email high-resolution photos or use online software that only allows one image to be downloaded at a time (such as YouSendIt). By following these guidelines, you will aid The Iowan in achieving the best possible reproduction of your images.

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