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Tricks of the Trade (9)



This summer the sisters will travel as far east as Pennsylvania and as far west as Nevada. There will be long days and long nights.

Sometimes they won’t remember where they sleep, says Abigail. “We may get tired, but we’re fulfilling our dream. Every rodeo season is a cowgirl’s Christmas.”

They’ll perform time-tested classics, but they’ll also imagine new ways of combining mastered moves. Abigail dreams about a new act — her own invention, which will, of course, be named after her.

The performance will incorporate a large flamenco skirt. Meishja’s future goals include Roman Riding — an act achieved with each foot planted on the midback of two different horses.

In the Wapello arena tonight, years of training, trials, and showmanship enable these two professional trick riders to execute eight astounding stunts — Crane Stand, Hippodrome, Cheyenne Drag, Back Breaker, Mane Drag, Over the Neck, Layover, and the Cossack Death Drag — in less than three minutes. On with the show.


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