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A Short History Of Cooked Meat



With its thickly enameled teeth, deep olfactory pit, and bipedal stature, Australopithecus had all the genetically evolved tools to experience and enjoy cooked meat.

Alas, fire was just becoming the latest fad around the time Australopithecus was gathering its last nut. Despite more than two million years of roaming the earth, old Lucy likely never experienced cooked carnivorous treats.

In fact, it would be a while before the first hominid dangled meat over fire, shared it with pals, and declared it delicious.

Fast forward another few million years or so: past Homo erectus gaining control of fire, past the first Homo sapiens who had a hankering to sink their incisors into roasted ribs, and past the absolutely genius idea of burying an entire goat in the ground over hot coals and cooking it for days.

Arrive at the 21st century and the Golden Age of Barbeque. By now cooks have long since tamed primitive smoke and heat using refined cooking methods and high-tech tools.

Entire economies have been built upon the production and purveyance of quality meat. Barbeque, when done well, is considered an authentic American art form. It is so beloved that Food Network viewers know exactly how Guy Fieri feels when he mugs at the camera and exclaims, “I could put this on a flip-flop and it would it taste good.”


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