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Sure Bet (3)


After her first race of the evening, 
Moss makes her way not to the betting window (“I never bet on horses”) but to AJ’s, the track’s top restaurant, for “my customary vodka tonic and prime rib for my dogs.”

She lives alone except for two Jack Russell terriers (she’s attracted to that breed’s “independent, stubborn personalities”) and three satellite dishes that monitor races around the country.

Her house and the lavish doggie bag for Storm and Jake are both symbolic of lifelong attachments. The former sits near the horse stables where she spent much of her youth training.

The original structure burned down in 1970, and O’Brien recalls how the tragedy impacted Moss.

“Maggi had already moved her horse out of the barn, but I remember how sad it was for her. She’s always loved animals.”

Moss says her love of animals got her in trouble as a prosecutor.


“I was considered overzealous at busting puppy mills and getting search warrants to raid them. As a defense lawyer, my first civil case was against a woman operating a mill. It was something I had to do.”

During her second and last race tonight, Moss reveals another special attachment. “Ballistic Blonde is not one of my more talented horses.

But I bought her cheap in Texas, despite the name. I call her Sybil because she’s obviously bipolar.”

Halfway through that race Moss looks resigned. “My trainer told the jockey not to be near the rail, and there he is. Other than that, he’s in trouble,” she says, preparing herself for more sad news about this thoroughbred.

“I’m pretty sure she’s been claimed. You can tell by who the people are who look her over before a race.”


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