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The track announces that Ballistic Blonde has been claimed. “This is the hardest part of the business. But it’s big — $25,000 is a good price for her now.

 I just really wanted her last race for me to be a winner,” says Moss with emotion.

“It’s getting much easier for me to run my horses out East so that I don’t get so personally attached to them. Horses here at Prairie Meadows I see all the time.

This is a business and my gut interferes. Dad always said that I would have a hard time in life because my heart overrules my head.”

Most legal work Moss picks up these days is on behalf of animal rescue and retirement operations, particularly Hope After Racing Thoroughbreds.

She races her horses less frequently than most owners, rotating about 14 horses at a time to pasture. “I just can’t keep them in a stall at a track all year.

“I could make a lot more money if I didn’t insist on time off, but I have a working understanding of their feelings,” she explains.

“Dad made me join Pony Club when I was 10. I learned what was important to horses then.”

Smith says that her compassion even extends to her opponents. “By the end of each season some of the trainers are really hurting financially.

No horse ever goes hungry though — not if Maggi knows about it.”

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