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Chaden Halfhill (above), photo by Perry Struse.

“Salvage and recycling efforts on the Green & Main site will divert 322 tons of recyclable construction and demolition debris from the landfill,” says Jim Bodensteiner, who oversees the DNR’s Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP).

With a holistic approach to sustainability, Halfhill is aiming for the highest green renovation certification available: a Platinum rating from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

À la Carte Renovation

An original cost projection of $2.2 million has grown to $2.35 million, a price tag out of reach for most small-town builders and developers.

“Costs can be a major roadblock,” says Sam Erickson, who as Vice President of Community Housing Initiatives (a statewide nonprofit) gets a half-dozen calls a week from communities interested in renovating buildings like Green & Main.

“It’s more expensive and it’s more trouble, but someone has to be first to take a chance and have a vision.”

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by the rules

Historic preservation dictated several design decisions.

The 1,100-square-foot addition with large south-facing windows to draw light and heat matches the original architecture in materials, scale, and proportion but is built to the rear of the structure so it does not detract from the historical character of the facade.

Similarly, the green roof was designed so plants cannot be seen from the street.

Windows presented one of the biggest challenges. Existing single-pane double-hungs did not meet the insulation value necessary for the project’s energy efficiency goals, but they could not be replaced because of the historic value they contribute to the building’s character.

Considering these seemingly conflicting goals, it was decided to treat them as storm windows and add a second, energy-efficient, operable window behind them on the interior.

These efforts, along with the restoration of the original brick and the addition of awnings, will complete the historic look of the facade.

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