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Burlington’s Living Windows

Burlington, Iowa

Window Wonderland

by Carol Bodensteiner
photo courtesy Downtown Partners, Inc.

The image is classic: children with noses pressed to department store windows, dreaming of toys and Kris Kringle. It happens everywhere during the holidays, but on December 8 Burlington gives children and adults something more to look at. During the community’s annual Living Windows celebration, store windows come to life courtesy of store owners, churches, and community groups.

Window scenes may include medieval carolers, ornament making, cookie decorating, dancers, gingerbread houses, puppets, and animals from the local shelter. Some windows are just for looking; others invite lookers inside to participate in an activity.

“It’s like a parade in reverse,” says Steve Frevert, executive director of Downtown Partners, Inc. “Spectators go to the show instead of the show coming to them.”

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