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Find an Iowa Christmas Tree Farm Near You

Green Your Holiday

by Mary Gottschalk

A tromp through cold and snow to find the perfect Christmas tree is a holiday tradition for many families. With an estimated 125 growers in Iowa, it’s easy to find a nearby farm where you can choose and harvest a tree.

Keeping the tree green throughout the holidays can be a challenge. Jan Pacovsky, who’s grown Christmas trees near Hampton, Iowa since 1959, offers this tip to keep your tree fresh: “Water your tree every day with the hottest water you can run out of your faucet. Hot water keeps the sap soft and you won’t lose needles. I swear by it,” she says.

Christmas trees contribute to holiday fun, but they can be green long after:
• Out in the yard, decorate the tree with orange slices, suet, and seed to attract birds.
• Many Iowa communities provide programs for mulching trees. Some use the trees to make sand and soil erosion barriers at beaches and on riverbeds.
• Mulched trees are great for gardens to retain moisture and hold back weeds.
• Sunk into private ponds, the trees provide fish habitat and feeding areas.

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