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From the Editor: All Aboard!

Next stop: the future of Iowa.

This state has endured some significant battering as of late. Research details a troubling brain drain. “Observations” describe unemployment, despair, and timid, possibly uneducated, and definitely old residents. National conversations question our representativeness. Recent news reports call our math skills into question.
While Iowans continue to wrestle with our challenges and our image, it’s important to notice that the future is already unfolding in Iowa. You’ll catch glimpses of it in this issue. Iowa’s tomorrows are being devised less by the cautious, sometimes dour, scrutiny of officials, academicians, and politicians and more by the state’s youth.
Discover students in Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine who are working alongside dozens of experts in multiple specialties utilizing acclaimed research services, new information technology, and the latest advances in animal medical practices to improve care and services for our companions and our food sources.
Observe Kirkwood College undergraduates learning and leading inside the walls of a new Cedar Rapids hotel and conference center that not only exudes style and sophistication but also immerses hospitality arts students in real-world experiences that are preparing them to compete in and even shape a growing industry.
Meet 26-year-old Andrew Pittz driving his VW hatchback throughout the state, plying Iowa communities with aronia berry products and new agricultural options and economic possibilities.
Tomorrow’s Iowa is the destination they are imagining and inventing.
We’ve been doing a little of that ourselves here at The Iowan. Coinciding with this issue, we’re unveiling our very first Features in Motion segment — an online showcase of our cover feature, “Iowa Hospitality,” that brings the story to life through photojournalism and recorded sound. Join us at for the show!
And coinciding with the season, our March/April issue brings readers a prelude to spring — a gorgeous celebration of what some (I’m one) argue is the state’s most visually spectacular time of year. Our special section on Iowa gardening recognizes what has been touted as the number one hobby in the nation and offers ideas, tips, information, and suggestions for growing in Iowa.
Tend well for the future.





Beth Wilson, Editor

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