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From The Editor: This is Iowa. No Joke.

This Is Iowa. No Joke.

Three Iowans walk into a bistro.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

A full day of industry lectures had left my colleagues and me inspired but drained, and we left a West Burlington conference center in search of respite and a meal. We stumbled upon a delightful dining spot in downtown Burlington, and there we filled a good portion of our evening with good food and good conversation.

I can’t now recall the exact moment or impetus, but our server that evening first mentioned her commute (from Sperry), then her home (the family farm and horse barn), and somewhere in there slipped in a casual reference to trick riding.

Trick riding?! The table conversation came to a halt. The needle on the storytelling meter swung wildly. Those who know me know two things: Anything involving tricks — of the magic, circus, Halloween, rodeo, or any other sort — immediately demands my attention, and I love a good story. And this, I was sure, was going to be a good story.

It was and it is. A tale of two young trick-riding professionals — Meishja Petersen (our server that evening in 2010) and her sister, Abigail — begins here and continues as the latest Features in Motion installation.

Such chance encounters have sparked many stories that we eventually share with readers of The Iowan. The magazine staff and our many freelancers around the state value and utilize the wealth of information derived from news outlets, press releases, and topic research, but each of us knows from experience that serendipity is most often the muse of great editorial content. The trick is paying attention.

We live, work, and play in a unique place — a sometimes confounding, often inspiring, and always surprising place. Iowa is impossible to describe in only a few words, so instead The Iowan does so in issue after issue, in story after story. Come along for the ride.




 —  Beth Wilson, Editor


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