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Potluck: Roadside Monument to Love

Lincoln Highway

The Cowboy on the Hill

Compiled by Carol Bodensteiner
and Mary Gottschalk

The silhouette comes into view between Westside and Vail as travelers drive along the Lincoln Highway. High upon a hill a cowboy kneels in contemplation by a lone grave, his horse waiting patiently. The wooden figures make up a modern monument to love by Westside farmer Rick Vetter. Vetter’s wife, Joyce, died of cancer in 2007. While traveling the following year, he discovered a similar sculpture. After searching out design plans on the Internet, he crafted his vision and placed it in his field on the hill above the highway.

“It’s not exactly a tribute to Joyce,” explains Vetter. “But if she hadn’t passed away, I would never have done it.” — M.G.

Photo courtesy Mary Gottschalk

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