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Potluck: The Incredible, Profitable Egg

Compiled by Carol Bodensteiner and Mary Gottschalk

Iowa Eggs

Study physics at the equator, where the Coriolis effect enables balancing an egg on the head of a screw. Join children on the White House lawn, where eggs have been rolling every Easter season since the 1870s. Use a soft touch to escape a messy end in an egg toss game. Or simply do what most of us do — scramble, fry, poach, or boil. And then eat.

Wherever they’re found, however they’re used, eggs will be celebrated in May during National Egg Month — especially, perhaps, in Iowa. The No. 1 egg-producing state in the nation, Iowa is home to chickens that lay an astounding 14.25 billion eggs each year. — C.B.

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