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Rock Solid at 60

Rock Solid at 60

Rocks are extraordinary vessels. Formed over time and by various circumstances, they contain rich deposits of the past, yet their pores and crevices and layers hold material we tap to shape our future.

We had such multifaceted formations in mind as we approached The Iowan’s 60th anniversary. The milestone authorities tell us that the successful conclusion of the sixth decade is traditionally recognized with diamonds. While we’re confident that you hold in your hands (or on your computer monitor) something brilliant and extremely valuable, we’ve chosen to celebrate the magazine’s 60th year of publication with a much more expansive rock theme. To borrow an expression that emerged in the middle of the last century and still endures today, Iowa rocks! This state’s tempo and attitude are a fascinating, surprising, occasionally confounding, and always evolving conglomerate of traditions and loyalties (Is that sausage I smell on page 26?), of excursions and discoveries (Welcome to Le Claire on page 22), of seasons and adventures (Lake Macbride beckons and awaits your vote on page 50), of neighbors and heroes (A father and daughter in Washington County are meeting both on page 20). In this issue we dug a little deeper, mining the state for a valuable, and a bit offbeat, collection of nuggets. In our “6 Ways to Rock in Iowa” guide that begins on page 37, we deliver the mother lode — an informative, entertaining, and inspiring rock collection. Diamonds schmiamonds! We don’t need precious gems to recognize the prized jewel we have in Iowa. What we do need is a reliable, comfortable, engaging forum for exploring, discovering, remembering, questioning, imagining, and believing in this state. The Iowan rocks on!





Beth Wilson, Editor


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