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September/October 2012

volume 61  |  number 1


La Voz Nueva

Lorena Lopez and La Prensa Deliver the News
to an Increasingly Diverse Iowa

Old Ways, New Faces

Tradition Yields a Fresh Vision for a
Committed Group of Iowa Farmers

Mining the Spirit

Artist Madai Taylor’s Journey


From the Editor

The Root of the Matter


Dishing up news, events, people, and ideas

Shelf Life

Problems with Your Order
May the Sales Be with You


Frozen Harvest
Cedar Falls’ Ice House Museum Shares
the History of Iowa’s Coolest Crop


Breaking Bread and Barriers
The Wallace Dialogue Dinners Serve
Up Fresh Foods and Shared Ideas

Last Word

Lost and Found
Rural Iowa’s Roots Run Deeper

Points of Interest

Locations featured in this issue of The Iowan



ON THE COVER and THIS PAGE: Madai Taylor takes his painter’s palette from nature, farming color from the land. His art and ministry are parts of the same whole — both strengthening conviction, both paths to the truth. Story begins here. Photography by Paul Gates.




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