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Dinner is served.

WCI chef Katie Routh creates magic from fresh foods. Her tools are the fruits and vegetables grown at the Country Life Center.

The farm raises produce for a 67-member community supported agriculture program and the Gathering Table restaurant, as well as special events.

In addition to her cooking duties, Routh conducts programming on processing and marketing locally grown foods through a USDA grant.

Fresh garden greens, lightly dressed, are followed by a fresh herb-seasoned chicken breast (meat, bread, honey, and eggs not grown on the WCI farm are acquired from local all-natural producers) on a bed of exquisitely flavored lentils.

By the time the warm, bubbling rhubarb cobbler is served, the strangers who seated themselves just a short time before are becoming fast friends.

The real conversation begins now as attention turns to the evening’s speaker posed in front of the substantial white marble fireplace.

The presenters for this evening’s discussion of immigration are Sherry Gupta, founder and director of CULTUREALL, and Carol Roh Spaulding, coauthor with Kay Fenton Smith of Zakery’s Bridge.

CULTUREALL is a nonprofit organization that provides multicultural education to schools and businesses through the use of cultural ambassadors who facilitate hands-on workshops. “It provides an opportunity to get out of your head and into the experience,” says Gupta.

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