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La Prensa, which offers regular columns on health, immigration law, and general legal questions, is a primary source for information on everyday issues.”

Lopez makes a point of interviewing political candidates whose views may impact the Latino community.

In recent months she has interviewed Bob Vander Plaats and Congressman Steve King; in 2008 she interviewed Barack Obama as well as several congressional candidates.

When she arrived in the United States as a refugee in 1993, Lopez spoke little English. She supported her young sons with a variety of jobs: housecleaning, babysitting, dishwashing in a hospital kitchen.

Her English gradually improved, and she entered nursing school, graduating and landing a job as a registered nurse at St. Anthony Regional Hospital in Carroll.

When she picked up part-time work as a translator for the Denison Bulletin & Review in 2004, her career path changed direction.

Latinos wanted more than just a translation of Anglo news, says Lopez, and with her background she was confident she could deliver.

Carlos Arguello, her partner-son who exhibited an entrepreneurial spirit from a very early age, was by then a junior at the University of Northern Iowa in the College of Business Administration, and he took part in programs offered through the Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center.

He spent six months developing a business plan for his mother’s dream, guiding her through the financial and legal hurdles of starting a business.

As the 2,000 copies of the first edition of La Prensa hit the streets in May 2006, Arguello was recognized as Student Entrepreneur of the Year by the Center.

Today’s circulation is up to 6,000, and though he now works full-time for John Deere in Kansas City, Arguello continues his role as La Prensa’s general manager, handling finances and customer service for accounts where his accent-free English is an advantage.

Lopez was visiting Variedades Joel, a downtown Denison party store, when a call came from the Romney campaign staff. She quickly retreated to the business’ back room to conduct an interview in Spanish.

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