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Alice & Frosty : An American Adventure

Alice & Frosty : An American Adventure
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by Gail Kurrle Wilkinson

Home just isn’t the same now that Pa has moved down the road with his new wife, leaving Alice and her teenage brother and sister to run the farm. What kind of home has no parents?

Alice’s best friend, Frosty, understands, and can always make her laugh. Together they rescue Alice’s little sister from kidnappers, survive a runaway horse and buggy ride, and dunk Frosty’s flaming hair into the school water bucket. As their journeys take them to places they never imagined, Alice wonders if she’ll ever find the home that she’s been searching for.

This true story highlights an incredible time in America, introducing us to two spunky kids who were born by candlelight, yet grew to watch men walk on the moon.

This is a terrific selection for anyone interested in history or adventure. Suitable for readers 5th Grade through adult. Includes vintage photographs and etchings.
152 pages, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" with black and white photos, soft cover.

ISBN 978-1-934816-14-1

Published by The Iowan Books

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