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In Your Own Words: A LifeCatching Guide to Telling Your Story

In Your Own Words: A LifeCatching Guide by Barbara Tabach
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by Barbara Tabach

In Your Own Words is a companion workbook to LifeCatching: The Art of Saving and Sharing Memories- an organizational process to save personal and family stories.

"Image that you could go back in time and have the opportunity to record the stories of someone you loved. What would you ask them?"

This helpful guide is filled with important questions, activities, and prompts to inspire aging family members to share their personal histories via anecdotes that may otherwise be lost to time.

Includes tips for organizing personal history projects, conducting interviews, and overcoming obstacles such as memory loss.

Author Barbara Tabach is an oral and personal historian. She currently works as a Project Manager for the Oral History Research Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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