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Lost Bremer County

Lost Bremer County by Linda Betsinger McCann
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by Linda Betsinger McCann

Ninety-four locations and names are explored in Linda Betsinger McCann's new book, Lost Bremer County.

Most Bremer County Iowa residents could find the villages of Horton or Bremer. Many have heard of Irma, Knittel, Artesian or Maxfield. Only a few residents could locate the sites known for their creameries; such as Potter Siding, Klinger, or Wapsi.

Landscape names such as Big Woods or Smith Grove are known to long-time residents, but what about Quarter Section Run, Fort John, or Hazlett’s Ford? Do you know the hamlets of Key, Pony, Roxie or Syracuse? What about the 41 post offices in Bremer County that no longer exist?

Author Linda Betsinger McCann was born and grew up in Bremer County. Her ancestors settled in Bremer County about 1855, and her grandchildren are the sixth generation to call it home. Linda has been doing genealogy for over thirty years and recently connected one of her lines to the Mayflower!

Linda is president and a founding member of the Shell Rock Historical Society, and has written eight books concerning Shell Rock’s history. She is currently researching Linn County and will soon complete her next book The Cedar Valley Road, about an electric railroad that ran from Waverly to Cedar Rapids Iowa in the early part of the twentieth century.

Proudly written, printed and published in Iowa.

Published by Iowan Books.
ISBN 9781934816271.

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