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One More Turn on the Two Lane

One More Turn on the Two Lane by Timothy C. Florer
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Text and Photography by Timothy C. Florer

The 5,000 mile quest to find America's soul on roads less traveled...

Timothy C. Florer, born in 1952, began a serious study of fine art black and white photography in 2000. Since 1974, Tim has sold life insurance and annuities in the mid-west, and has witnessed the decline of agrarian culture and buildings during his business travels. He felt the need to record these structures before they completely disappeared from the landscape.

In 2008, Tim was commissioned by the White Pole Road Development Corporation, to do a book on a 26 mile stretch of White Pole Road. Published by Meredith Corporation, Reflections Along The White Pole Road combined Tim’s photographs with local lore about the area.

Join Tim in his new book, One More Turn on the Two Lane as he travels from Iowa to the Northwest Coast, capturing beautiful moments and time-worn vistas in this new fine art coffee table book.

Proudly written, printed and published in Iowa.

Published by Iowan Books.
ISBN 9781934816257.

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