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The Return of Iowa's Bald Eagles- 2nd Edition

The Return of Iowa's Bald Eagles- 2nd Edition by Ty Smedes
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Text and Photography by Ty Smedes

Iowa’s Bald Eagles have returned!

Declared our national bird in 1789, the bald eagle was on the brink of extinction during the 20th century, until measures were taken to save it.

This 2nd edition of The Return of Iowa’s Bald Eagles chronicles this conservation success story with new facts and anecdotes. New nesting charts and statistics are included, and wintering charts and statistics are current through 2013.

Additionally, this book has been enriched with over 70 new action photos, and 6 new and amazing photo-sequences that showcase Iowa’s bald eagles twisting, turning, diving, and catching fish.

These spectacular color photographs — among the most incredible photographs ever taken in Iowa and the US — have captured the power, grace, and majesty of the bald eagle as it returned to prominence here in Iowa.

Proudly written, printed and published in Iowa. Published by Iowan Books.

ISBN 978-1-934816-40-0.

Wholesale Orders are encouraged! Please call 877-899-9977 in the US, or 515-246-0402 in Canada for discount pricing.

Perfect bound soft cover, page count 256. Second Edition.

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