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Where Are You Now, Sweet Love?

Where Are You Now, Sweet Love? The Writings of Mary Kemper Vermillion, 1855-1870 by Donald C. Elder
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by Donald C. Elder 111, ed.

Where Are You Now, Sweet Love? is a collection of Civil War era writings of Mary Kemper Vermillion, 1855-1870

Take a glimpse into the mind of a thoughtful, sensitive female as she reacted to the experience of first traveling through, and then settling in, the frontier.

This collection of letters from the Civil War and the post-war years gives readers a sense of how life changed as Mary Kemper Vermillion and her husband William F. Vermillion became pillars of their growing community.

The diary and letters of Mary Vermilion offer us a unique look at the totality of the pioneering experience. In this manner her story can connect the reader with aspects of the Midwest's past that have long since disappeared.

Proudly written, printed and published in Iowa.

Published by Iowan Books.
ISBN 9781934816349.

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